Your c-section is a birth!

Yep! Your c-section is a birth no matter what led up to that birth.

Sometimes we hear women say, “I wish I gave birth but I had a c-section instead.”

To those of you who feel this way, or who have been made to feel this way, let us assure you: YOU GAVE BIRTH TO YOUR BABY! If you grew a tiny human in your body and that tiny human exited your body, you gave birth. Not only did you give birth, but you are a birth rockstar! Birth is hard regardless of how your baby exited your body.

Maybe you didn’t plan a cesarean delivery.

That’s okay! For most women having a cesarean, the original plan was a vaginal birth. Maybe your body went into labor on its own but labor had other plans. Maybe your body didn’t go into labor on its own and needed a little help through induction. Perhaps your cesarean was urgent or emergent. Perhaps you decided to call it before things got that far. It doesn’t matter how you got to the OR, you birthed your baby. Odds are you ran the gauntlet before birthing your baby too!

Maybe you did plan a c-section. cesarean birth

Sometimes scheduling a cesarean birth is a choice women make. Certain medical conditions like placenta previa, velamentous cord insertion, intrauterine growth restriction, breech baby, or known birth defects can be too dangerous to risk going into labor. Another reason to schedule a c-section birth could be past sexual trauma. A previous sexual trauma can be scary for a woman because labor brings about sensations of not being in control of her body. Vaginal exams and a baby passing through the vagina can bring up past traumas, so to avoid fear and additional memories she may schedule a c-section birth.

You may or may not have heard the term, “too posh to push.” The notion that some women just don’t want to go through labor and would prefer to schedule a cesarean birth. This is incredibly rare, but if you fall into this group, we aren’t here to judge. Every woman has the right to choose the birth that works best for her, and if you don’t want to labor, we will still support you.

We support cesarean birth!

Unplanned? We will be there through your labor. If labor doesn’t go as planned and you need a c-section birth, we are going to be there. We will help prepare you emotionally and mentally for your surgery. We will help you find your voice and communicate with your medical team. We are going to be there every step of the way while respecting the OR rules. We want you to feel confident in your birth!

Planning a cesarean birth? Great! We offer a cesarean birth class because you shouldn’t have to miss out on a birth class due to a c-section. Our cesarean class will help prepare you for what to expect. Our labor support doulas attend c-section births too! While we may not always be allowed in the operating room, we are there to help you get checked in and ready for surgery, and we are there to help with recovery after you come out. In addition, we offer more postpartum support from home as you recover. We have a doula support package created just for your planned cesarean birth!

Just had a cesarean birth? Congratulations on the birth of your baby! We recognize that you not only gave birth to your baby but are also recovering from a pretty major surgery. You need additional support. Maybe help with emotional processing, getting to know your newborn, help around the house, meal prep & planning, someone to run errands, resources for breastfeeding, or understanding what’s considered normal and when you should reach out for professional care. Our doulas specialize in postpartum doula care and are here to help!

Let us help you through your birth and postpartum recovery. Contact us for a complimentary meet & greet or book your cesarean birth class today.