Two doulas are better than one!

Doulas of Bellingham offers Whatcom & Skagit families something a little different. Two doulas at your service!

Our doulas work in a partnership, ensuring that you always have trusted support available, whenever you give birth.

How does a doula partnership work?

Before you choose a Doulas of Bellingham partner-pair as your doulas, you will have a chance to meet both of them at a complementary meet and greet.  There you can be sure you adore both of your doulas before hiring the pair for support.


In prenatal preparations you will get to meet one-on-one with each doula. This way you will have a chance to get to know both of them personally, and each doula will know your family’s preferences and thoughts surrounding the labor process.

Partnerships use a shared call schedule. This means that what day you go into labor determines which doula will come support you.

 A shared call schedule is good for both the family and the doula.

Sometimes doulas have multiple families go into labor on the same day, or back to back. A solo doula working alone is forced to find another doula to back up the family.


Most often a family has never even met the backup doula who attends their birth.

If births go back to back, your solo doula may still attend, but they will likely be exhausted and unable to physically give their best support.

And what if your doula gets sick, or has a family emergency? Those are more situations where a backup is commonly called in.

With two doulas available to you, a sick doula will not be tempted to still attend your birth and risk spreading whatever they are carrying.  If a family emergency arises, the partnership model allows for them to tend to the emergency, and not have to choose between you or their family.

Want to hear the best part?

Because of this partnership, from the time you choose Doulas of Bellingham to support you, we remain on call until you deliver.


So if go into labor outside of the traditional 2 week on call period, you know you are covered.

Doulas of Bellingham is striving to raise the bar in doula support.  We believe that this model best serves our clients and our families. We think you will agree as well that two doulas are better than one.