Twas the night before Christmas

Christmas for new parents doesn’t have to be a struggle with Postpartum Doulas. Enjoy this poetic example of how Christmas with a baby can be, written by Emilie Jenkins of Nesting Birth.


Twas the Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse
The bottles were flung by the sink with no care
In hopes that the doula would soon be there.

The baby was crying, he hated his bed.
He hated his bottle, his soother, his face was all red.
And Mama looked longingly at dad’s empty lap
And wanted so desperately for one Christmas nap.

When out on the drive there arose such a clatter
That even poor baby stopped crying to see what was the matter.
Away to the front door she flew like a flash.
Flung open the door with three bounds and one dash.

The moon on the doula’s shoulders did glow.
And the parents knew sleep would soon mystically show
The doula came in and put mama to bed.
She made milk for dear baby and put him to bed.

She washed all the dishes and bottles so quick.
She whispered a lullaby to dear old Saint Nick.
She folded the laundry, she checked the placenta.
She matched all the presents in greens and magenta.

She kept the house quiet and shushed as was needed.
Kept one eye on baby and did everything we did.
She cleaned up the bathroom, put toys in the bin.
She straightened the ribbons, the boxes, the tins.

She put all the parenting books back on the shelves.
Her hands never stopped fixing, like two little elves.
To the top of the banister, to the top of the wall!
Dusting and wiping and saving us all!

She never made faces, she never did chide.
We never had parenting “failures” to hide.
She went about her duties with love and with heart.
And never gave judgement or bias a start.

Postpartum times can be quite the test.
And Doulas of Bellingham knows you need rest.
So give us a call as you stare at the clock.
We will come to your house with our knowledge of tots.
And Christmas will come as it does every year
And you can have sleep and good food and good cheer.
With a newborn, fresh baby who sleeps by star light.
And a doula who whispers: Merry Christmas! And to all a good night!

This isn’t a Christmas wish. Postpartum doulas really will come to you and help make your life a little more peaceful. Check out our postpartum doulas and contact Doulas of Bellingham today to book your doulas!