Don’t take our word for it. Hear from families who have experienced our support.

here’s what our past clients are saying…

photo by Little Earthling Photography

Christi knew just what I needed to do  and within a few minutes of hands on movement, my contractions were strong again. My nurses were amazed at her knowledge and asked her lots of questions.


She brought her expertise in comforting me and encouraging my husband in ways to support me.  As the labor continued and changed, she never stopped being hands-on and encouraging me. We really would not have had the positive life-changing experience without Molly. I wouldn’t change it for the world.


During labor, Christi was the extra set of hands my husband needed. This included anything from feeding me to helping me into positions.  She was the most useful during the hardest part of labor for me: the pushing stage. Focusing on her and listening to her helped immensely.


Molly anticipated my needs and provided encouragement throughout labor. We were on the fence about hiring a doula, after everything was over, very glad we hired her and had her there for prenatal & labor help.


Christi was great before and during labor. The home visits were exactly what I needed. During labor she followed through with everything I asked of her. I had a wonderful labor because of her! And I will forever appreciate it.


Molly was such a wonderful addition to our birth team, supporting both myself and my husband.  Molly was so supportive when I deviated from my birth plan and chose to get an epidural, and really made me feel comfortable and at ease with my decision. My husband and I both really appreciated having Molly and would hire her again!


Basically, Christi is amazing and really does provide support before, during, and after labor. I could sing her praises all day if given the opportunity.


photo by Dan Brinkman

Molly and I connected a right away. Plus my dogs loved her! She was there for the whole process and never ran out of ideas to help me labor as best as I could.  Molly is a fantastic support before, during, and after birth and I am so thankful she was there for me. I would love to have her at my next birth!


My doctor was amazed that I delivered vaginally and asked Christi to explain what she did because he wanted to use the technique with his patients.


Molly was highly knowledgeable and responsive before, during and after the birth process. I appreciated her calm and gentle spirit during labor and her “roll with the punches” attitude. Molly is very easy to work with and I would absolutely recommend her services.