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explore doula support with a complementary meet & greet

some things are just better in person…

who do we meet with?

Have a chance to meet & greet the team of doulas that would serve your family. For labor support inquiries, you will have a chance to sit down to a relaxing conversation with the two doulas available for your birth. Postpartum inquiries get the same welcoming treatment, with the number of postpartum doulas needed to serve your support needs.

what do we discuss?

Discuss your plans and preferences over a cup of tea.  We allot up to 60 minutes of time for our meet & greets so you have a chance to ask any and all questions you have, without feeling rushed. Doulas of Bellingham affiliated doulas offer non-judgmental support, so you can feel comfortable and safe discussing a subject as intimate as pregnancy and birth.  Our private office provides a welcoming and discrete atmosphere to get to know each other.

should my partner come too?

Doulas support your whole birth team, so yes, please have them join us! Whoever your partner may be- your husband, mother, friend or significant other- we want them to feel comfortable and connected with us. We love to meeting those who you have choose to support you.

are we obligated to book?

We do not charge for this initial meet & greet. There is no obligation involved after meeting with us, and no penalty fee if you choose other plans. This time is for us to pamper you as we have a chance to connect.


schedule a meet & greet

It all begins with a conversation...