postpartum care shifts & packages

Babies don’t come with an owners manual.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a compassionate professional come to your home to help with the adjustment?

day care shifts

In home support is available to your family in 4-12 hour shifts. Get help with newborn feeding, light housework,and  day-to-day tasks & errands, from a patient, compassionate and knowledgeable professional. Take the stress out of mealtimes with healthy meal prep, and and extra set of hands courtesy of your doula. This blog goes deeper into a postpartum doula’s role in the home.

night care shifts

In home nighttime support is available in 8-12 hour shifts. These shifts are focused on your family getting as much restorative rest as possible. As you sleep, your doula tends to newborn care, meal prep, and light housework. If you are breastfeeding, when the baby is hungry they are changed, soothed, and brought to you to nurse.  Your baby is well cared for, and you enjoy a fuller nights sleep. This blog written by D.O.B. owner Molly Seimears paints a more detailed picture of what night care may look like.

the welcome package

  • Continual care for the first 24 hours after you arrive home from your birth place
  • 1 belly binding session and bengkung wrap.
  • 10% discount on placenta encapsulation

They let you come home with your baby, yet you don’t feel 100% ready it. Let your postpartum doulas guide you through this memorable day so you can feel settled and at ease.  Enjoy the comfort and stability a belly bind provides early on.

the confidence package

  • three 4 hour day care shifts a week.
  • 2 belly binding sessions and Bengkung wrap.
  • 10% discount on placenta encapsulation

Having knowledgeable and consistent care will help you feel confident  as you are establishing your new normal. Feel confident in your ability to bind yourself with your own beautiful bengkung after 2 sessions of instruction.

the refresher package

  • 8 hour shift of night care a week for one month.
  • 10% discount on placenta encapsulation

Having just one full night sleep a week could be just the refresher you to help face the busy week ahead.

the back to work package

  • three 12 hour shifts of night care a week

Ease the transition back to work. This longer care allows for help with dinner or breakfast and facilitates a fuller night’s sleep.

the consistency package

  • 3 weeks of five 4 hour daytime shifts
  • 3 weeks of three 10 hour night shifts
  • 2 belly binding sessions and a bengkung wrap
  • 20% discount on placenta encapsulation

They say it takes 21 days of consistency to turn something into a habit. Establishing new family routines can be tough. It takes patience and consistency. Let us help you get established with consistent care day and night.  Get expert guidance on feeding and newborn care  with daytime care throughout the week. Two longer night time care shifts allow for assistance establishing a bedtime routine and a encourage restful night sleep.  Belly wrapping will help assist you adjust physically with its many benefits

the 4th trimester package

  • three 6 hour day care shifts a week for the fisrt 12 weeks
  • two 8 hour night care shifts a week for the first 12 weeks
  • 2 belly binding sessions and a bengkung wrap
  • 50% discount on placenta encapsulation

Start your journey with knowledge and confidence. Feel supported throughout the 4th trimester with regular day and night care throughout the week. Encourage healing in your newly postpartum body with belly binding.

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