postpartum doula support

Babies don’t come with a manual. With up to date knowledge and expertise, a postpartum doula is the next best thing.


A postpartum doula’s extensive knowledge helps guide through the ocean of different parenting styles and techniques.  Helping you know what is normal and how to handle the unexpected.

We are like a friend, personal assistant, waitress, and baby book… all-in-one! Having a postpartum doula on your home team is the perfect way to care for yourselves as well as your baby

If you are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, we can help you establish -or troubleshoot- a feeding routine. Feel confident as you navigate life with a newborn, all that comes along with it.


Our postpartum doulas help you find what works for you and your baby, without judgment or guilt.

Utilize our care and support just how you want it. We are committed to your needs and priorities and never get in the way of how you choose to care for your child. You know what is best for your baby.


You will feel like a queen as we tend to your needs, big or small. Our experience and compassion is by your side when the days- or nights- get rough.

Sometimes that means taking care of house work and meal prep as you bond with your baby. Other times your postpartum doula attentively cares for your newborn while you sleep, shower, or take care of errands.

As experts in the postpartum season, we recognize the signs and symptoms of the various postpartum mood disorders.  We are real and open with you, having the tough conversations if needed. If you feel you would benefit from extra support, we can guide you through taking those steps.


Your postpartum doula is a comforting, helpful and encouraging presence for  those times when your emotions are like a roller coaster and all you want to do is sleep. Feel safe and secure that your newborn is being well cared for as you enjoy a well deserved nap or night’s sleep.

The extra set of hands allows you to and your partner to spend time bonding with your baby, or take time for each other.

When your needs are met, you can better meet the needs of others. A postpartum doula makes this special season of life just a little sweeter.

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