encapsulation options

Preparations to fit your individual needs.

Every woman is different. At Doulas of Bellingham we respect the individuality of our families by recognizing there is no one-size-fits-all solution. While maintaining strict safety standards we offer many encapsulation options and preparations customized to the varying needs of postpartum women.


steamed preparation- plain

We will always steam your placenta prior to drying. The traditional purpose of steaming the placenta is believed to bring warmth back into the new mother to promote healing. The modern purpose is to eliminate the bacteria growth that happens when a placenta is dehydrated while it is still raw. You can choose to omit the lemon and ginger, and have it steamed plain.

steamed preparation- with lemon & ginger

This steamed method is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine where your placenta is steamed with lemon, ginger before dehydration. Ginger and lemon both have antiseptic properties. They are also seen as “warming” to the body in traditional medicine.

capsule options

strawberry flavored gelatin

Strawberry capsules are the most popular choice among most women. The intended purpose of flavored capsules is to mask any potential placenta taste on the way down, or with any possible burps up. Some people find the red colored capsules an added bonus as it hides the powder inside and further reduces some of the “ick factor” of consuming placenta. These empty capsules come in strawberry flavor. We do not adulterate your placenta with flavoring.

unflavored gelatin

For those who prefer not to have flavored capsules, we do offer a simple unflavored gelatin capsule similar to what you find used in most supplements.

unflavored vegan

Vegan capsules made from plant cellulose are available for our clients who prefer a vegetarian or vegan diet.

additional preparation methods


Many women opt to preserve encapsulation benefits by ordering a placenta tincture along with the capsules. Tinctures keep throughout your lifetime and can be used to help with PMS and Menopause.


placenta prints

Preserve the image of the “tree of life” that sustained your baby throughout your pregnancy by having a print pressed from your placenta, before processing.

cord keepsakes

If able, your Placenta Specialist can form your baby’s cord into an image or word as it dries. This is available as our gift to you, upon request.

Once you have decided on the options best for your needs, book your encapsulation with Doulas of Bellingham.