placenta encapsulation

We support the restoration of a new mother’s stamina and emotional balance by transforming the placenta into powder-filled capsules. Encapsulation accommodates the needs of modern women, while eliminating the “yuck-factor” associated with it.

why encapsulate

Placenta encapsulation is done to help balance a new mothers recovering body. During pregnancy your placenta takes over the production of hormones, which are normally produced by the endocrine system. Upon delivery of your baby and placenta, your endocrine system takes 2-3 weeks to begin producing hormones again.

Your placenta is rich in Oxytocin, HPL, POEF, iron, and vitamin B. Taking placenta capsules helps restore balance to your body by supplementing those lost components until your body begins producing them again.

Current anecdotal evidence shows placenta encapsulation can aid in the restoration of your body after birth. Improvement is noted with greater levels of emotional balance, bonding with baby, breastmilk letdown & production, relief from afterbirth pains, fewer instances of anemia, and decreased fatigue.

Doulas of Bellingham provides in-home encapsulation. Our process provides unmatched safety and quality standards.

the safest transportation

We provide you with a transport kit based on the safety guidelines set forth by the World Health Organization. Your placenta is only transported once; from birth place to home. This reduces exposure to temperature fluctuations which can promote bacterial growth.

assurance you are getting your own placenta

Because your placenta never leaves your possession, you can rest assured that your placenta did not get mixed up with someone else’s placenta.

guaranteed disinfection

When your placenta is prepared in someone else’s kitchen, you have no way to guarantee proper handling and disinfection of work space and equipment. Because Doulas of Bellingham comes to your home, you can choose to witness the entire process and ensure cleanliness. Plus, we clean your kitchen before and after so all you have to do is rest and enjoy a clean kitchen.

protecting your microbiome

Each person’s home contains their individualized microbiome. Your body is accustomed to your own environment. Exposure of your placenta to foreign microbiomes in someone else’s home can increase the risk of illness. This post about Kung Pao Placenta from a professional chef explains it well.

a postpartum expert at your service

Our Placenta Specialists are also trained Postpartum Doulas. While in your home preparing your placenta we are available to answer questions you have regarding your physical recovery, your newborn’s cues, breast or bottle feeding, mood disorders, and anything else which eases your transition into motherhood.

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