Meet Ashley, A D.O.B. Doula.

A new year brings new doulas! Doulas of Bellingham welcomes Ashley Morrison as our newest affiliate doula.

Ashley was inspired to be a doula through her own experience with labor support. Get to know her, and her journey as a birth professional.

Tell me about your training…

I started my training in 2016 with ProDoula. After completing the postpartum training I decided I wanted to do all the other trainings too! They have been so hands on, and so informative, they have given me all the tools to be the best doula I can be.

Why did you get into birth work?

I got into birth work for many reasons, but the biggest reasons have been that I had a doula and I was a teen mom. Christi was actually my doula when I gave birth to my son. Any time I think about my sons birth I think I could have never had gone through that without Christi . I wish more teen moms and young moms knew about doulas and the support they give.

What is your favorite part about working with families?

My favorite part about working with families is being able to learn and find new ways to support a family. All families are different and unique; one thing may work for one family but not another so it’s fun to have many different ways to help them.

What did you do before doula work?

Before becoming a doula I have done many things, I have been a nanny, a substitute teacher at a few different day-cares, as well as working at a in-home daycare and school. I am also trained CNA / caregiver.

What is a unique quality about yourself that makes you a great doula?

I have a love for learning so I am always wanting to know the most updated information. I excel at using my resources.

What is the best advice you can give a new family?

You do you! When you do what works for you and your family. Your going to be happier and less stressed when your settling in to the new normal.

Interested in hiring Ashley for labor, postpartum or placenta services? Contact us!