tens unit rentals

T.E.N.S. is a safe, non evasive way to find pain relief in early labor.

Obstetric TENS, or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, has been found to have no adverse effects on the mother and baby when used appropriately.

a drug free option

The TENS Unit sends a electronic current on targeted areas to provide relief.  When in use the mother can move freely and is in total control of the timing and intensity of the TENS. It provides a tingling sensation that helps distract from the pain and release endorphins.

Many mothers experiencing back labor find the TENS especially helpful. It provides the most relief in the early stages of labor and can be a great tool to keep yourself more comfortable and focused.

“I used the TENS unit at home before I went to the birth center and then for a few hours once I arrived. I know it helped me labor at home for as long as possible.”            -Sara M

“The TENS unit was a blessing! It was applied during early labor and helped to decrease the intensity of the contraction pain. The beginning and end of each contraction was not as severe when wearing the tens unit and helped me to retain energy in the early stages. I wore it throughout the labor and was extremely grateful I had it. I would definitely want it for my next pregnancy.”            -Amanda

tens editbenefits

  • drug-free
  • no adverse effects when used appropriately
  • you are in control of the unit
  • freedom to walk and move freely
  • many find it helpful during back labor
  • the TENS is battery operated making it compact and portable
  • the TENS can be safely used in labor for long periods of time
  • affordable

rental details

  • $40 to rent the TENS unit for up to 4 weeks
  • rental is from 38 weeks gestation until the birth
  • at pick up I will give you and your partner instructions on use of the TENS unit and placement of the electrodes
  • you must return the unit at least 2 days after delivery
  • $100 deposit will be taken and returned at pickup as long as no damages occur
  • if the user chooses not to use the unit or discontinues use shortly after placement in labor, the rental fee will still apply
  • you must approve use with your doctor or midwife prior to rental

reserve a tens unit for your labor