sibling support

Many families want their children to be present for the birth. However, childbirth is an intense event and it is normal for parents to have valid concerns…

“What if they get scared?”
“How can my partner care for them while supporting me?”
“What will they think of the noises I may make?”
“How do I explain everything that is happening?”
“What if we need to transfer?”

A doula for your baby’s sibling(s) is the perfect solution.

A sibling support doula is more than just a babysitter. The sibling doula has a deep knowledge of birth and is experienced in supporting people through the process.

The sibling doula will help prepare the siblings about what the big day will be like and what to expect.  They attune to the child’s needs and/or anxieties, and navigate how involved they are ready to be.  As labor progresses they get accurate explanations in terms that are age appropriate.

sibling support package- $750.00

prenatal planning appointment

This time is for you to share your vision for birth and expectation of care. The doula gets to learn about your children’s personalities and your parenting philosophies. This prep time is important so the doula is on the same page as the family’s household. We can arrange for you meet with the backup at this time as well, if you wish.

“when baby comes” play class

Before your birth the doula will come to your home to meet your children so they are comfortable with each other. The doula gets a chance to know them a little as they teach the class and engage with them. In a fun play centered structure they will go over what the day will look like, and the journey the baby makes to come out. Siblings will learn about, and practice, sounds mom may make in labor. The doula will model a few simple labor coping techniques so the sibling can help soothe mom in labor (given mom and the child are both feeling up to it in the moment). The big brothers or sisters will learn ways they can help mom while she feeds the baby.

on call dependability

The sibling’s doula, and their backup, are on call beginning 2 weeks prior to your due date. They stay on call until your birth with the expectation that you could go up to 42 weeks gestation. Day or night they are ready to come support your family.

support during your labor

While your Midwife, partner and doula are supporting you, the sibling’s doula will be tending to your children’s physical and emotional needs. Rest assured they will be fed, diapered, and cared for according to your family’s preferences. The doula will support them emotionally through this new experience with realistic expectations and reassurance. They will attune to their personalities and needs. The sibling doula can help facilitate the sibling’s involvement according to your wishes, their willingness, and ability. The doula will stay up to 1-2 hours after the birth to make sure everyone is settled in.

In the event that you or your baby need to transfer, you can rest assured that your children are being cared for by a qualified and responsible adult as arrangements are made for their extended care.

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