rebozo sifting

Rebozo sifting is a relaxation technique used to ease discomforts commonly associated with pregnancy. It’s history and purpose go back through generations.

what is a rebozo?

A rebozo is traditionally a woven wrap or shawl work by women of Mexican heritage. During pregnancy it is used for sifting, and after birth it is used to carry the baby. In some areas, women have several rebozos for various occasions and are known to be buried with their rebozo at the end of life.

what is sifting?

Sifting is the use of the rebozo to gently “jiggle” the belly and pelvis of a pregnant woman to aid in comfort. The pregnant woman may assume several positions during a sifting session depending on where her discomforts are.

how is rebozo sifting beneficial?

Sifting encourages the relaxation of round and broad ligaments, the pelvic joints and the abdominal muscles. This relaxation can ease the discomforts of pelvic pressure or pain, lower back aches, and round ligament pain. It may also relieve discomforts of prodromal or “false labor” and when used during labor may ease the pain of back labor. For some women, rebozo sifting may even increase the frequency and intensity of contractions during labor which has slowed down.

does sifting turn babies?

Rebozo sifting is a relaxation tool and is not intended to be used for the sole purpose of turning babies. For some women, relaxation through sifting may have the added benefit of encouraging baby into a better position for birth, but this is not the intended purpose of sifting. If a baby is malpositioned, sifting should only be attempted for the encoragement of turning the baby if instructed by the doctor or midwife.

book an in-office mini sifting session- $75.00

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