labor support

Doulas of Bellingham offers an unmatched quality of support during pregnancy and labor for families living in, or around, Whatcom County.

Doulas of Bellingham recognizes that you are capable of choosing what is right for you and your family. This is why we specialize in all birth types. Regardless of how or where you prefer give birth, be it at the hospital with an epidural, at home, or a birth center, you will be supported and encouraged in your choices.

a cohesive team

Working with respect alongside our local Doctors and Midwives ensures that your care team will work cohesively while you labor. With our professionalism and rapport we are welcomed in all of Bellingham’s birth facilities.

confident preparation

Meeting your baby is a life changing event you will never forget. We are honored to come alongside you, offering guidance and support for both you and your partner. We are committed to helping you both feel prepared and confident in pregnancy, in birth, and in that precious new time with your baby. Our knowledge and compassion will help give you the best advantage possible to have the birth you dream of.

giving you what you need

Every family has a different vision for their birth. That is why Doulas of Bellingham has a variety of services to fill the needs of your unique experience.

labor doula support

aromatherapy consulations

T.E.N.S. unit rentals

birth plan facilataing

rebozo sifting

sibling support