Do I need to take a birth class refresher for my second baby?

“I did a childbirth class the first time around, do we really need to take another one?”

As doulas we work often with families who are welcoming their second child. Sometimes their previous birth was recent, others it was years before.

Whether the age gap between your children is big or small, many wonder if they will benefit from taking a refresher birth class. In every situation we have found a common denominator:

Knowledge brings confidence .

However, not everyone wants to go through weeks of birth classes a second time, and we get that. That is why we offer a happy medium.


A 3 hour condensed childbirth class.

  • get refreshed on the birth process
  • learn how to identify and cope with the 3 stages of labor
  • practice hands on comfort techniques for the many aspects of labor
  • learn labor positions you can do with and/or without an epidural

We have found that second time parents taking this class flourish with the refresher. They use their previous experiences to identify with the content and solidify the teachings. Refreshing the information brings them confidence and helps them process their previous birth.

It’s like watching a movie for the second time. You get so much more from it when you see it with an experienced eye.


Plus, every woman’s labor will vary each time around.  What worked the first labor you may hate the next time.  You benefit from having new tools for a new labor.

A birth class refresher helps lay an excellent foundation as you navigate a second labor and what is sure to be a unique birth experience.

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This class is is held in Bellingham, WA. However our classes are open to families residing in Whatcom & Skagit County, as well as surrounding areas.