you’re pregnant! now what?

Be it a surprise or long awaited after fertility assistance, most everyone soon comes to the same conclusion in early pregnancy… “Now what do I do?”

How do I find a OB/Gyn? Or should I have a Midwife?

Where should I have the baby? The hospital? At home?

What precautions should I be taking now that I am pregnant?

What are my birth options here in Bellingham & Whatcom County?

When should I announce my pregnancy?

You could spend hours on google, or ask friends on Facebook.. but how will you know if the suggestions will be a good fit for your family? What if you’re not even announcing it right away? Exploring what you want, and what your relevant options are, set a solid foundation for your birth.

Introducing a class for those newly expecting who want a crash course on everything pregnancy & birth in Bellingham & Whatcom County…

you’re pregnant! now what?!?

  • healthy choices and balanced nutrition in pregnancy
  • foods and lifestyle choices to avoid in pregnancy
  • explore what you want your birth to look like, and what is important to you
  • determine which type of provider would be the best fit for your family
  • find out local options in Bellingham of where to have your baby
  • ideas for narrowing down who you want as your maternity care provider
  • exposure to the many wonderful birth services we have here in Bellingham & Whatcom County

This class is 2 hours in length and will be presented in an unbiased way, while always respecting your privacy. Families trying to conceive are also welcome. Our classroom in Bellingham, WA is comfortable & discrete.

private class: $80.00