customized private classes

A customized birth class is the perfect option for those who live busy lives. Your time is valuable! So why spend time going over what you already know?

Pick and choose what you want to learn about and create your own customized childbirth class. Compile your class topics and pay by the hour. Schedule it privately to fit your unique schedule.

Supplement what wasn’t covered in your childbirth class. Get personalized instruction for techniques or topics you wished were covered more thoroughly. Brush up on information you forgot between babies. Or simply just go over it all one on one.

Gain information & practice positions in the comfort of a private classroom. Feel free to ask all the questions you have with out judgement. This is truly an effective and efficient way to educate yourself prenatally.

private customized birth class

2-3 Hours: $45/hr

4-6 Hours: $40/hr

7-10 Hours: $35/hr

pregnancy & childbirth topics include:

  • The Anatomy of Labor & Birth
  • The Labor Process
  • The 3 Stages of Labor
  • Positions for Labor & Birth
  • Squeeze, Squat, Squirm: The GPS of Birth
  • Non-Medical Pain Relief
  • Medical Pain Relief
  • Pregnancy Symptoms Relief
  • Fetal Positioning
  • Interventions
  • Partner Communication
  • Creating a Birth Plan
  • Nutrition & Weight Gain
  • Prenatal Testing
  • Informed Consent & Decision Making
  • VBAC Options
  • The Welcoming Hour
  • Breast Feeding
  • Newborn Care
Your private class, tailored to your needs, is taught in our office in Bellingham, Whatcom County. Families from Skagit or Island Counties are welcome to take advantage of this unique educational opportunity.

contact us today to build your own custom class