birth photography

The day you meet your baby will be one of the most important events of your life.

Although some moments will be burned into your memory forever, others will be lost in the intensity of it all. Some moments can only be witnessed from the outside, like your reaction to first laying eyes on your child, and the strength and power it took to get there.

A day so pivotal, with memories so precious, deserves to be captured by a quality birth photographer.

Birth Photography is not the unflattering crotch shots of the past.  A professional photographer is proficient in tasteful angles, and non-distracting lighting.

They are a fly on the wall, capturing once in a lifetime moments as you labor undisturbed.

These invaluable photos are of professional quality, captured with the right equipment and techniques for your birth place’s unique low light environment.

Rather than fumbling with a camera or phone, your partner and birth support can focus on supporting you and meeting their baby too.  Forever hold in hand the precious first moments with your baby, and the life changing process leading up to it.


Doulas of Bellingham handpicked Renee Bergeron to fill this important role in our full service support. Her reputation as a talented birth and lifestyle photographer proceeds her, as she is the premiere birth photographer in the area. Renee is held in respect by the local care providers and welcomed into all birth locations.

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